Knee Arthritis

When to Visit a Podiatrist
Because arthritis can affect the structure and function of the feet, it is important to see a podiatrist at Riverton Podiatry if any of the following symptoms occur in the feet:
  • Swelling in one or more joints.
  • Limitation in motion of joint.
  • Early morning stiffness.


Arthritis Causing Foot Pain

Do you have arthritis in one or a number of your joints? The two main types of arthritis we see at the Riverton Podiatry Clinic are:


•   Osteoarthritis

•   Rheumatoid Arthritis

Our Riverton Podiatrists regularly assess and treat both of these conditions to help our patients keep moving and active. 


Treatment for Knee Arthritis

Treatment is important and treatment decisions and options vary depending upon the stage of the arthritis and the joint which is affected.

Riverton Podiatry applies the concept of 'move it or lose it' to affected joints with arthritis.


We can help your joints to move better, smoothing out the cartilage surface, increasing the life of the joint and reducing the pain in the joint.



We design orthotics, raises, insoles or modify footwear with the aim that you can lead a more active lifestyle with less pain.



If the joint has very advanced arthritis our podiatrists may reduce movement in the joint, therefore reducing the inflammation and pain.

Riverton Podiatry will refer for X-rays, to assess the problem further and provide referrals for surgical opinions if indicated.


So if you think that you have arthritis or pain in a joint, call us for an assessment today. Our podiatrists at Riverton Podiatry have expertise in assessing and treating arthritis and all other conditions of the foot affecting the joints.

Call us or book online to walk without pain.

Knee Arthritis and Foot Pain
Foot Pain, Can this be from my Knee Arthritis